The decision taken by the membership council of the Royal British Legion, not to collect RBL Club subscriptions centrally, means any monies paid to the Legion do not include RBL Club subscriptions. This has caused confusion and considerable delays with members trying to renew their RBL Club membership.

The RBL Harlow Club committee, ratified by members at the Club AGM on 29th January 2017, has introduced the following procedure for club membership renewal.

Club membership renewal will be due on 1st October each year, irrespective of the renewal date for Legion membership.

All members who are on the Club Membership register, as at 30th September and for who we have their Legion (not club) membership number on record, will automatically be eligible to renew their club membership on 1st October.

Members should see the duty Committee Officer in the club and upon payment of their annual subscription (£5 if under 65, £2 if over 65) they will be issued with a Harlow Town RBL Club membership card which will be valid until 30th September the following year.

In order not to unduly penalise new members joining part way through the membership year the membership fee in their first year will be :-

Joining between 1st October and 31st December :- £5.00 under 65 / £2.00 over 65

Joining between 1st January and 31st March        :- £3.75 under 65  /  £1.50 over 65

Joining between 1st April and 30th June               :- £2.50 under 65  / £1.00 over 65

Joining between 1st July and 30th September      :  £1.25 under 65  /  £0.50 over 65

The Harlow Town RBL Branch will be informed of all club members who have renewed their club membership. The Branch will carry out the necessary checks to ensure members have renewed their Leion membership.